Pharmacy: the
science or practice of
the preparation and
dispensing of
medicinal drugs.

Medicine: a drug or other
preparation for the
treatment or prevention
of disease.

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pH7 is a platform that acts as a tool for your pharmacy to move into the digital age in a way that works for you. Finally expand the horizon of your patients and offer them a world of convenience and care impossible before today. Manage your orders in real time and deliver to your customers at a time that works for you and them.

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More about pH7

More about pH7 The pH7 platform is an automated system that connects you directly to patients looking to receive their medicines straight to their door. For the first time manage whole regions of patients and clients instead of just your local neighbourhood and all from our easy-to-use and simple interface and platform.

The pH7 user experience was designed specifically for pharmacists just like you, we have built our system to focus on your core needs of compliance and logistical management and we strive to support you in your mission, to deliver great health care to many. Our entire system is supported by the latest blockchain technologies to ensure safety and compliance for you, the state and your patients.

Key Features

  • No marketing needed
  • Thousands of Direct inbound customer requests
  • Easy to use system
  • Manage all your clients from one dashboard
  • Policy compliant
  • Legally ratified system and network to keep you and your patients safe
  • Secure network
  • We use the most advanced blockchain infrastructure to track medicines
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • pH7 acts as an extension to your Pharmacy always on hand to help
  • Community lead
  • Connect with other Pharmacy professionals via our live FAQ and community